Last Class (due July 31st)

Thank you for an awesome learning experience! I feel very privileged to have spent so many Tuesday nights with such a wonderful group individuals.

  • Please use this week to complete any pending assignments (blog postings, Digital Story, Revised or New Presentation, Integrated Technology Lessons/Unit Plan). All assignments are due by July 31st.
  • Share ( Integrated Technology Lessons/Unit Plan with Steve via Google for comments and suggestions. Submit final version by July 31st at midnight. Your final submission can either be an e-mail with attached files or an e-mail message saying that the your Google Doc is final.
  • Optional Assignment – Post a final reflection (on your blog or via Twitter ) about your experience with ED554.
We will not meet on Tuesday, July 31st since your final (Integrated Technology Lessons/Unit Plan will be submitted online).

I am unsure when you will have access to the Course Evaluation, but please take the time to complete it.

Please stay in touch (consider me your ‘tech guy’ for the upcoming and future school years). You can reach by e-mail – and/or and of course, via Twitter at @Plan3t_t3ch.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

– Steve

Congrats Mike!

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