Copyright Quiz

Thanks for completing the Copyright form. Here are your answers (from the summary of responses) and the right ones.

False. Copyright is granted to anyone who records an original creative work in a fixed, tangible form.


True. According to the MPAA, they’ve trained two black Labradors named “Lucky” and “Flo” to sniff out DVD piracy.


True. Reselling a CD that you bought is legal according to the First Sale Doctrine


False. Copyright was established to encourage the growth of science, education, and the arts.


False. Sharing your own original work using peer-to-peer file-sharing technology is legal.


False. Amy took the pictures, so she’s the copyright holder, and she’s given Daniel permission to download.


False. Given the amount and significance of the portion Jason has taken, the commercial benefit he would receive, and the likely harm to the market for the Harry Potter book, a court would be unlikely to view his use as a fair use.


True. Kathy can legally use the photos as long as she follows the rules of the license.

False. Unless Dwight has permission from the copyright holders (band/publisher/songwriter etc.) it would be copyright infringement.


False. Since she’s using a short quotation for the purpose of scholastic commentary, it would be fair use.


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