Podcast Assignment

The Podcast can be about anything. Think of this assignment as practice for creating ‘online learning objects’ that your students can use to prepare for class (Flipped Classroom model) or review during/after class (blended modeled). Your podcast can;

  • describe an instructional strategy that you have some experience with (or want to explore), Project-Based Learning, Flipped Classrooms.
  • retell a story
  • summarize the life of a famous figure covered in your Standards
  • demonstrate how to use a program
  • recreate a classroom lecture
  • summarize an article from class

Podcasts can be audio only (like podcasts shared on the EdReach site), or can include images. Technology has advanced to a place where it is just as easy to create a podcast that includes audio and video.

On Tuesday, we will demo software that will record only audio, audio and video and audio, video and your computer screen.

If you haven’t invited me to your Google Planning Doc. yet, please do.

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts from my past classes.

Abraham Lincoln Podcast by Jen R., Mindy and Meg

Prezi – How To by Jennifer O., Merete and Suzanne

Gardening in Northern Virginia by Cindy, Karen & Shabrayle

Using word clouds to enhance reading comprehension. from Gabriela Rivas on Vimeo.

Chapter 7: Curriclum 21 from Steven Knight on Vimeo.

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