Week 3 Assignments (Due June 12th)

Read Podcasting article “Enhanced Podcasts” and explore and listen to at least on of the podcasts on EdReach site

Read “The Power of Digital Media”

Plan for Digital Imagery & Image Manipulation (Photoshop) in lab activity. Bring images that you may want to use and check out these ideas for inspiration.

Ideas: Explore perspectives; visualize similes; illustrate principles with self-portraits; place self in literature or history; create illustrations of principles or functions; use an improbable scene as a writing prompt

Decide on a topic and group (no more than 4) for group  podcast assignment. Plan over the week (using Google docs) and be prepared to begin work on June 12th.

Post responses on your blog:
1 -Can podcasts enhance/support your classroom instruction? What are the benefits and barriers?

2-Provide a short summary of  the EdReach podcast you listen to. Are podcasts something you would consider for professional learning in the future?

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