Week 1 Assignments (Due May 29th)

Choose one blog from the list of recommended blogs and read through as many postings as you can.

Giving Reluctant Students a Voice” (R. Redekopp & E. Bourbonniere)

Identify a learning standard for your content area and grade level as a target of focus for the semester (see your content area standards and/or the ISTE NETSAASL, or VA Dept of Ed Site).

Post 3 responses on your blog:
1 – about the blog you chose to read;
2 – about the “Giving Reluctant Students a Voice” article
3 – What standard are you using as a target of focus this semester? How can you link activities for different learning styles to this standard?

Be sure to check regularly your Marymount U Gmail account for email announcements related to this class.

Optional readings: Chapter 4: “Using Drama to Extend the Reader” from J. Wilhelm’s You Gotta BE the Book;

Teddy Bears Go Blogging” by B. Sherry;

Writing for Real Purpose” (C. Ikpeze) from Learning & Leading with Technology vol. 36 no. 7

“Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants”  Marc Prensky, On the Horizon (MCB University Press, Vol. 9 No. 5, October 2001)[7]

White, David S., and Alison Le Cornu. 2011. “Visitors and Residents: A New Typology for Online Engagement.” First Monday 16,9 (5 September). Available online at:http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/3171/3049.

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